External pole magnets

External pole magnets filter undesired ferromagnetic (Fe) particles – such as iron and steel – from 0.5 to 50 mm out of powders and granulates in free-fall lines. They are used in the bulk, animal feed, plastics, ceramic and recycling industries, among others.

External pole magnets are very robust. They offer the advantage of being located outside the product chute, so the product can fall through freely, making it possible to process large quantities while keeping bridging to a minimum.

Two magnetic plates are located opposite each other, outside the product chute. They have a deeply penetrating, powerful holding field, which is strengthened through clever construction of the magnets. This enables them to ‘capture’ Fe particles from the product stream. Goudsmit external pole magnets are fitted with extractor plates, making them quick and easy to clean. They can be made with either ferrite or neodymium (Neoflux®) magnets.

The capacity of the external pole magnet is max. 200 m³/h. If very fine Fe particles must be separated, we recommend the Cleanflow magnets.

External pole magnets manual quick cleaning
These external pole magnets filter ferromagnetic contamination from free-fall lines. Cleaning is quick and easy, by means of an extractor plate (quick cleaning).
External pole magnets automatic cleaning

External pole systems are a good solution for applications with large amounts of ferrous contamination and where operator access is impossible. Automatic cleaning, without production stop.

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