Explosion isolation flap valve Novex

The Explosion Isolation Flap Valve remains normally open during normal flow. In case of explosion, the excess pressure is produced. This excess pressure closes the flap, isolating and protecting the rest of the equipment.

  • Model DN (mm) External Dimensions AxBxC (mm)
    NOVEx071 71 440x349x265
    NOVEx100 100 469x386x294
    NOVEx200 200 569x478x394
    NOVEx300 300 669x650x536
    NOVEx400 400 769x787x640
    NOVEx500 500 869x887x740
    NOVEx600 600 969x1040x889
    NOVEx710 710 1079x1155x1005
    NOVEx800 800 1169x1245x1095
    NOVEx900 900 1269x1345x1195
    NOVEx1000 1000 1369x1445x1295

    For other sizes and/or working conditions please consult us

  • Normally Open
  • Sizes DN71 to DN1000 (Bolted flanges DIN24154)
  • Max. Pred admissible: 0,5 bar
  • 2 barg for DN≤500 mm
  • 1 barg for 500<DN≤1000 mm
  • Max. range of dust concentration in the duct <500 g/m3
  • For flammable Dust up to St2
  • Casing built in: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Flap system.

Normally open operation.

  • Max. pressure drop up to 80% less than Normally Closed flap valves.
  • Sizes: from DN 71mm to DN 1000mm ( DIN 24154).
  • Kst dust up to St2 Dust type IIIC
  • Casing built in carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Max. range of dust concentration in the duct: 500 g/m³.
  • No minimum flow needed to keep it open.
  • Very strong construction: Max. Pred of the vessel where explosion is originated:
  • DN≤500 mm: 2 barg
  • DN>500 mm: 1 barg
  • ATEX Certified -LOM11ATEX7047X-NFPA 69-2014 Compliant
  • Variable installation distance:
  • DN ≤ 500mm: between 3 y 10 m.
  • DN > 500mm: between 5 y 13 m.
  • Possibility of two 90º bends
  • No min. distance between valve and bends
  • Wide Flap Openning up to 60º.
  • Flap Position detector
  • Dust layers detector
  • Differential pressure control
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Antiwear detector
  • Antiwear protection layer on the flap
  • Ex D
  • ATEX – LOM11 ATEX7047X conforme a EN 16447:2014
  • Compatibility with NFPA 69-2014

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