Chemical explosion suppression system

Chemical Explosion Suppression Systems are designed to impede the development of high pressures. The System is based on continuous monitoring of the pressure or infrared radiation, so that in case of an explosion the detector activates the injection of a chemical agent preventing high pressures from explosions of combustible dust in the Interior of equipment or industrial vessels that have not been designed to withstand them.

  • For flammable Dust up to KSt≤250 bar·m/s
  • Agent Type: sodium bicarbonate
  • Temp. Environment: -20 / + 70ºC


  • Redundant micro gas generators.
  • Upper propellant gas filling and pressure control what minimize dirt, failure probability and facilitate refilling.
  • Mechanical Maintenance blockage easy to use.
  • Speed valve made of light aluminum.

Bottle control unit:

  • Local trigger of microgas generators by a separate capacitors.
  • Redundant power supply.
  • Sort circuit control.
  • Continuously checking of Micro gas generator functionality.
  • Pressure control by a pressure switch o pressure transmitter.
  • Electrical Maintenance blockage.
  • Maintenance blockage detectors.
  • Low sensitivity to external influences to minimize false activations.
  • Internal display to show alarms and faults.
  • Communication RS 485 with different communication protocols configuration.
  • System reset.
  • Very reduced maintenance and commissioning cost.

Explosion Pressure detector:

  • Sensor technology: ceramic capacitive
  • Very low response time: < 1 ms
  • Dual sensor optional function AND/OR
  • Low external influences due to filtering
  • Low pressure range 0-1 barg or wide pressure range 0-5 barg
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Signal output: 4-20 mA
  • IP 65
  • Adix design and manufacturing.
  • Ex D
  • ATEX – LOM13 ATEX7045X conforme a EN 14373:2005

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