Flameless explosion venting

Device for explosion protection based on the liberation of explosion overpressure and flame cooling, reducing the effect of an explosion in closed volumes installed inside buildings.

  • Model External Dimensions AxBxC (mm) Av. (m2)
    FC350x200 350x 244×280 0,036
    FC537x385 537x415x468 0,147
    FC496x496 496x552x583 0,181
    FC670x570 670x615x652 0,300
    FC880x530 880x578x603 0,373
    FC1000x666 1000x716x745 0,554
    FC1000x1000 1000x1050x1083 0,865


  • Sizes from 200 to 1000 mm
  • For flammable dust up to KSt max.<250bar m/s (including melting products)
  • Pmáx: 10 bar
  • Max. Pred admissible: 0,5 bar
  • Efficiencies between 45-70%
  • Safety distance between 1,5-4 m

Suitable for melting products.

  • Efficience upto 70%
  • Upto 20 m3 protection per flameless device.
  • Wide Sizes Range: from 350×200 to 1000×1000.
  • Maximum surface temperature: 275 ºC
  • Very strong construction
  • Different casing materials: Mild steel, stainless steel or Aluminium.
  • Mess made of Stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Double rupture detectors with electrical installation and conection box
  • Counter flange for easy panel replacement and maintenance
  • ATEX Certified as per Standard EN 16009 – LOM08ATEX7038X –NFPA 69-2014 Compliant
  • Ex D
  • ATEX – LOM 08 ATEX7038X conforme a EN 16009:2011

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