Spout Filtration Systems


Vortex dustless spout filtration systems are engineered to capture the fugitive dust emitted from the spouts and deposit it back into the material flow during the loading process, eliminating material loss. These filter systems are more cost-effective than a free-standing dust collection system, which often requires the installation of additional ductwork, discharge airlock and some way to reintroduce the material back into the system. These very compact filter systems are used in conjunction with standard volume loading spouts in enclosed, open, or combination loading applications. They feature a unique square-shaped design, which allows for a more low profile and compact model.


Standard volume filter systems / Compact in-line filter systems

  • Model VFS-10: 400 CFM load rate capacity @ 8″ SP (static pressure). Features 4 cartridge filters.
  • Model VFS-25: 1000 CFM load rate capacity @ 8″ SP. Features 8 cartridge filters.
  • Model VFS-40: 1600 CFM load rate capacity @ 8″ SP. Features 8 cartridge filters.



An automatic pulse jet filter cleaning system uses high-pressure compressed air to purge the filters and send the accumulated material dust back down the spout and into the vessel.

Throughout the loading process, the pulse jet system cycles from filter to filter purging trapped dust. Once the loading process has completed and the blower is shut down, one final cycle purges the remainder of the dust down the spout and into the load.

Continuously purging the filters of dust throughout the loading process increases filter life, minimizes materials waste, and allows the filter system to keep consistent suction.

Vortex filter systems feature pleated polyester filter cartridges that are easily replaceable reducing downtime.


Easily visible Magnehelic® pressure gauges indicate when it is time to change the filters. Instead of featuring a secondary spiral hose to draft the air out that can rot and crack, these cartridge filters feature a cap above them that draws the air directly through. This unique design requires fewer parts that can wear or fail, keeping your maintenance costs low.

Multi Stage In-line Filter

The multi-stage filter is located at the bottom of the spout and is utilized for additional dust control in longer spouts with extended travel distances. It performs much like the compact in-line filter, except that it has 4 high-volume exhaust blowers. The unit pulls the material dust within the outer sleeve upward and into numerous pleated cartridge filters. This system can be used as a stand alone filter or in conjunction with the standard compact in-line filter.